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K24 wiring

The 2ZZ will always be the easiest and cheapest engine swap upgrade for the MR2-S but for those who want more, especially those who want outstanding Naturally Aspirated torque and power, we bring you the Honda K swap. The two engine variations that we specifically support are:. We will just call these two K20 and K24 from here on for the purposes of this article. There are many other Honda K engines out there. Some are fairly interchangeable, like the lower power variants from those same years.

Newer stuff like the current Type R turbo 2.

k24 wiring

The Honda K series transmission is an upgrade over the Toyota C series transmission and it bolts directly to the Honda K engine of course so we use them in all of our swaps. This removes the immobilizer making it usable plus adds full tuning capability via laptop. Works for K20 and K24 engines. Any other engine and charging harness will NOT work.

k24 wiring

Engine: The K20 comes with a cable style throttle body, all set. The K24 comes with an electronic throttle — you must install a K20 intake manifold and throttle body or use an adapter to install a cable type Honda throttle body to your K24 manifold. Most people find the standard MR2-S radiator adequate but for a high power build and race track use you can install any standard MR2-S upgrade radiator.

We will soon offer an air inlet pipe with filter. The Toyota fuel pump and regulator work fine for the Honda engine, just connect the Toyota fuel hose to the Honda fuel rail.

The K engines need to breathe so the exhaust should be full 2. Not enough power? Bigger, better, faster!This version was created to facilitate a more universal chassis, and harness routing preference. This style can be routed more like the OEM k-series engine harness through the center or more to the right on the firewall than it's Version 1 counterpart. K-Series Harnesses. Brand new connectors and pins sourced from the same company Honda uses.

More details. Add to cart. Made using SAE certified automotive grade wiring. It is designed to connect from the fuse box to the alternator. Overall length is approximately 85" long and can be cut to length.

The kit comes with loom, heat shrink, ends, and labels. Not: Fuse box terminal has a 5mm ID hole and Alternator ring terminal Ensure both sizes work for your application before purchasing.

These are great upgrade for old corroded and worn grounds. You want to run one from transmission to chassis and engine to chassis.

Both connections should be to bare metal. Version 2 is also routed in a way that allows you to get around aggressive headers. Made in the USA. This wire harness connects your K-Series engine harness to your chassis interior harness while adding the E-plug and all its functions.

K-Series Mil-Spec Tucked Harness Version 2 This version was created to facilitate a more universal chassis, and harness routing preference. Version 2 is also routed in a way which allows you to get around aggressive exhaust manifolds. Social Media. You Tube. International Orders.

Terms of Sale. Tech Center. DIY Swap Tech. All rights reserved.All specials. Display all pictures. The Wireworx Engine Harness features a stealthy look but is also easily accessible once installed.

Reduced price! Add a Conversion Harness? Details :. RHD Vehicle? You will supply The Core harness? Reference :. Quantity :. You must add 1 as a minimum quantity to buy this product. Availability: Made to order week turn around. Warning: Last items in stock! Shipping Rates. Select your injectors. Because we no longer have core charge on B series, we need to buy you some brand new OEM Injector connectors. The charge harness is the needed power wires that connect your engine with your battery.

Wireworx charge harnesses use the highest quality materials allowing more juice to flow in your ride. Some opt for the B series IAT sensor because of its 2 built on mounting points. You can also choose your original IAT sensor.

Option to have detachable sections of your harness so your harness is able to grow as you go and able to adapt to your ever changing setup! Choose how many spare wires you need ran in your bay.

A lot of tuners love this feature as their is already wires ran from cabin to engine bay for any of your AUX wiring needs. A core engine harness is a harness we use the connectors from to make your new harness. Please no damaged cores.

k24 wiring

The harness is built with aesthetics and functionality in mind. It features a stealthy look but is also easily accessible once installed. Brand new wire, Brand new pins and seals. Wireworx Stage 1 harnesses are for everyone who needs a neat and professional tucked harness while keeping the budget in check. The stage 1 harnesses are our off the shelf harnesses which have all the basic connections needed for most cars. Every Wireworx harness is tested end to end to make sure you receive the high quality and reliable harness you and your project deserves.

Every harness guaranteed, factory supported. Think for the future, Wireworx also offers the option for you to choose the Amount of Spare wires your harness has. Cart Check out. Product Options. Injector Connectors Select your injectors. Select your Charge Harness The charge harness is the needed power wires that connect your engine with your battery.

OEM "T" Route.PIUSI KA is a digital flow meter with turbine suitable for diesel monitoring and digital management of the fluid dispensed. The KA digital diesel flow meter has been designed to monitor the flow of low-viscosity fluids. Easy to install, in-line or at the end of the dispensing pipe, KA has a display that can be applied in various positions to facilitate reading.

The sturdy housing and sealed internal electronic board make it suitable for use in virtually any working condition. KA has an aluminum body and a polypropylene turbine.

k24 wiring

The pulse type is single-channel, reed switch. The electronic board with LCD shows a partial of 5 digits from 0. Thanks to its rotating display, KA can be adapted to any application and working condition.

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K-Series Engine Harness (Updated)

This engine buildup consists of a 2. There are 4 different chassis from which you can locate a bottom end as Honda releases more K24 engines this list may be updated. Honda CRV comes in with 9. The motor is rated at hp at rpm and lbs-ft at rpm. Instead it only has 2 cam lobes on the intake side and 1 on the exhaust lobe. This motor has no VTEC mechanism on the exhaust cam and runs on 12 valves before rpm with the other 4 slightly opening.

It also has smaller ports than the Type S and Type R. The motor also comes with a 5 speed transmission instead of the 6 speed and has no LSD. The Acura TSX comes in with This motor uses a drive by wire throttle and has EGR castings on the manifold. This motor comes with a 6 speed transmission and no LSD. The Honda Element and Accord come in with 9. If using a K24a4 block the pistons will need to be swapped with aftermarket or a1, a2 pistons to avoid valve to piston contact.

This engine is found in the Honda Accord and Honda Element. Is has the same 9. It only has 2 cam lobes on the intake side and 1 on the exhaust lobe. This motor also comes with an available 5 speed transmission and 5 speed auto. This engine shares the same downfalls with the K24A4 engines as the pistons will contact the K20 cylinder head. This engine is found in the Honda CR-V. It has the common 9. This will interfere with a manual transmission using a traditional intermediate shaft.

You must use a block off plate, an oil filter relocation kit use all parts from the K24A series engine to place the oil filter to the upper position you will also need to plug an oil port on the girdle as well as change to a K20A2 oil pump. This is a picture of the oil port that must be capped off. It should be threaded, however, some reports say it is not. I cannot confirm.We have 6 different harnesses available. This will give you a simple way to run power from alternator to starter Then daisy chain to alternator.

This does add some size to the harness and reduces flexibility slightly. The fuse box must be close to the shock tower or under the dash. We used only SAE certified automotive grade wiring resistant to moisture and most solvents to ensure quality and durability.

How to Wire Your K Swap Harness for KTuner

High quality military grade heat shrink loom is used to cover entire harness which is resistant to gas and diesel. We have also used a popular and clean tucked wire layout.

The main harness runs over the valve cover and even hides the injector plugs, which come up from under the manifold. RSX injector plugs come with all harnesses.

We have incorporated the charge harness and alternator power wire into the harness. We used a thin, but high grade power wire to help keep the overall size down.

On swap chassis, the power wire will work with fuse box in factory location or relocated under the dash. Separate power wire is available for other chassis and those that prefer to run their own charge wiring. Everything is labeled clearly to ensure a simple installation and no confusion. K-Series Engine Harness Updated.

Availability: In Stock. Select Grade. Select Routing. Select Power Wire. With integrated power wire. Quantity Add to Cart. Review this item. Works with fuse box in stock location or relocated under dash.We rather choose to stay with our loyal customers instead to give free tips to other peoples. Question: DO I NEED ANY SPECIAL SOFTWARE FOR YOUR TIPS. Answer: No, everything you need is just an Internet connection and E-mail Account. If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime.

K-Series Non/Milspec Engine Harness

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